FORESTRY COMMISSION FREEDOM OF INFORMATION REQUEST - How is the Tree For Every Citizen Scheme shaping up?  Despite protests from those in favour of this scheme that all is well, here are photographs from 9 October 2015 and documents recently released under Freedom of Information legislation which don't exactly paint a picture of success. 

Tullos imagery hazards and rocky ground video

Tullos Hill

Tullos is scheduled to have 89,000 trees planted on it, forever changing its current, valuable ecosystem. The trees did not grow before, and cost taxpayers at least £43,800.  With no warning to the public or the Councillors who asked to be kept up-to-date, a funding application was submitted.  Gorse has been cleared, and the cull is scheduled to go ahead - despite the soil being wholly unsuitable - if not dangerous for those who would plant on it - see video below


The south of Aberdeen is about to lose much of its existing land to development, or some would say over-development. Help keep Tullos and its wildlife as they are - or perhaps even increase the existing biodiversity. Say no to the City's current, discredited plans. The full details are in the report.

Some Press Cuttings
Here is a small selection of local and national coverage given to Tullos Hill and the Deer Cull issues; we're very grateful to the press for covering this story 

The images below were taken on 7 March 2012 after some gorse clearance work.  Please see the second video to get some appreciation of the potentially dangerous industrial waste that the gorse clearance  has uncovered, and for an appreciation of how stony the soil is - there is barely any topsoil at all - and lots of rock and stone:  this is what the soil report from the Forestry Commission said - and it has been ignored by our city council and its tree 'expert'.   

Rocky Ground Video

This first video (huge apologies for the sound - I don't like my asthmatic, nasal voice, either) - but you will get the idea.  No child should go near this area to plant trees or otherwise - and dogowners - keep your dogs off this area of cleared gorse - they could easily be injured.  I will be sharing this video with relevant health and safety authorites in and outwith the city, with the Forestry Commission, and the Diamond Jubilee woods organisation.  Video link:


More images and video coming soon.  Note:  the condition of the soil exposed from the gorse planting with its visible industrial waste has been reported to the HSE.  The hill is known to have been used for chemical waste and radiation was present in the past - these are documented by various government and private agencies.

Links:    Links related to articles and columns written on Aberdeen Voice online weekly newspaper AND latest flyer about Tullos Hill - Aberdonain children’s artwork submitted to a competition in December 2011 – over 300 beautiful pieces of artwork across several powerpoint presentations - a report into Tullos Hill and plans to kill its deer; links to Forestry Commission soil reports showing why trees are very unlikely to make it on the hill, and documents detailing the whole sorry saga from first secretive beginnings